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custom-USB-drives-usb-Keys-and-Flash-Drives.jpgCustom USB Drives are a great way to give your product catalogs, portfolio and more to your customers and potential clients. Having a custom USB as a promotional product is the perfect way to ensure that your promotional items have a very practical use and with custom USB flash drives, it's a safe bet.

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Everyone and anyone can use a custom USB drive. It's a well received marketing product and is also great to give out as corporate gifts or holiday gifts for your customers. Most people can never own enough custom USB drives being as memory is always in demand. People use USB drives in their card to enjoy their Mp3 collections on their car radio, they are also used in offices to easily and quickly transfer large files from one computer to another using the USB drive. Typically an 8 GB flash drive is the most in demand at the moment. As the demand for flash memory increases, so does the standard capacity of USB drives on the market increase. The 8 GB flash drives can hold approximately 2000 songs in Mp3 format but this is an approximation based on an average song size of 4 MB. Custom thumb drives come in all sizes, shapes, colors, capacities and materials.

Some of the most popular custom USB keys come with a swivel instead of a cap to cover the USB chip. These models allow you to imprint on the USB swivel while most models allow printing on the body of the personalized USB drives. There are several other popular models of customized thumb drives including personalized jump drives in the shape of a key and credit card shaped custom USB drives. The credit card shaped custom USB can be imprinted in a dazzling full color imprint on both sides which adds a huge wow factor when presented as promotional items or corporate gifts for clients and potential customers. These wallet flash drives are convenient for carrying around with you everywhere you go.

Some more up and coming models of custom USB drives are the USB wrist watches, the USB wrist straps and the USB bracelets. These are also convenient for their portability and novelty factors. Custom USB flash drives are also products that people will be more likely to keep and hold onto for years to come giving your brand greater brand exposure than most marketing products. For advice on choosing the perfect Custom USB drive, Call us at: 1-866-744-0889 Today!