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Personalized Keychains

Keychains are one of those promotional products that you can see many people using. Customized keychains are the types of promotional items that people hold onto, literally! Some custom keychains have a stylus or bottle opener! 

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There are certain types of businesses that buy custom keychains quite regularly. For example, car dealerships are the types of businesses that can really benefit from using personalized keychains as their promotional items. Namely because their telephone number or website is always available on the keychain which makes customers looking to get some repair service on their cars have an easier time finding their dealership's number. It is also a nice passive way to advertise your business, even if you are not in the businesses of selling cars. You could be a locksmith or a real estate broker and you can see how personalized keychains are really great promotional items.

Custom keychains are easy to make and are available in more shapes and sizes than you can think of. Personalized keychains have several different ways in which they can be personalized: keychains can be printed, engraved and there are also many businesses that opt for a fully custom moulded keychain which is 3-dimensional and in the shape of their choice. There are many different materials used as well for customizable keychains. On the lower end of the spectrum, you can get cheap plastic key chains and other inexpensive materials such as silicone etc. On the higher end of things you have metal keychains, USB key chains, lanyard keychains and even precious metal keychains made out of silver or gold! 

If you are looking to make some promotional products and chose for example an engraved key chain as your promotional item of choice, you will need a few things in mind before going to production. Namely your logo or artwork has to be formatted to fit the custom key chain. It also has to be legible when the key chains are engraved  so ideally you want to use a vector file format such as Adobe® Illustrator format (.AI or .EPS files). With this type of logo file format you can assure the highest quality imprint. Although on certain items a high resolution raster file like a JPG file will do the trick, in most cases, a Vector format such as Adobe Illustrator format is needed...especially on engraved key chains. 

With printed keychains you have many options available. Most businesses will print in one or two colors but there are certain personalized keychains which are printed in stunning and vivid full color and there tend to draw lots of attention since these custom keychains are very catchy to the eye. The types of promotional keychains that can be printed in full color come in a variety of materials, some are glossy keychains and some key chains are matte, some plastic some vinyl.

You will also discover that in addition to printing or engraving your business logo on the keychain, you can also put your slogan, contact information, address, website address or email address on the customized key chains. If you would like assistance in choosing the perfect personalize keychain for your needs, feel free to call us at 1-866-744-0889 or click on the buttons above to browse some of our popular models