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Customized Wristbands

custom-wristbands.jpgCustom wristbands are really affordable promotional products that have been gaining in popularity in the last few years, especially with the younger crowds. You can use these personalized silicone wristbands for so many different purposes.

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Custom silicone bracelets can be personalized in a few ways as well. The most common way is using direct printing. This method is quick and the most affordable way to personalize silicone wristbands. There is engraving on custom wristbands which can either be left as a plain engraving giving it a nice tone on tone look or you can have the custom wristbands engraving paint-filled to fill the engraving with the color of your choice. This is ideal if you really want the silicone bracelet decoration to stand out.

For example if you order red silicone bracelets and have them only engraved, it won't do your logo justice as much as having the silicone bracelet engraving paint-filled with white paint which will make your custom wristbands really stand out! If you really want your silicone bracelets to be fancy you can use a custom bracelet mould which allows you to use one color of rubber for the bracelet and have the logo appear in another color of rubber or silicone. Although the after effect of such a custom wristband is not as clear as an imprinted silicone bracelet since the material used to make the logo can often "blur" into the other color material as it bonds to it. This doesn't stop too many people from using this method since those still sell. However in our professional opinion the nicest imprint methods for custom wristbands are still to this day direct print, engraving and engraved with paint-filling.

Think of all the possibilities you can have with custom wristbands. You can give customer some sort of 24 hour wristbands coupon which entitles them to special savings. You can hand them out personalized silicone bracelets at the next breast cancer awareness marathons or triathlons. Custom rubber bracelets can be given to your customers as a gift with purchase, or to music fans that attend your concert if you are in a band. These are the types of promotional products that also offer a nice sized space to customize the wristbands. You can even fit a large website address around the bracelet to promote your new website or blog.

If you would like assistance in choosing the custom wristbands that are best for you, feel free to call us at 1 866-744-0889 or use the shop now button above to browse some of our more popular wristbands.