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Personalized Coffee Mugs

Personalized coffee mugs are some of the most used promotional products out there. When it comes to marketing products in Canada, there are few promotional items that can compete with custom mugs. Get your personalized mugs today!

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Personalized coffee mugs are used in every home and every business ever since mug printing technology invented. You can make your own mug for several reasons. Most people will order customized coffee mugs for marketing and promotional purposes. However, some logo mugs are made for creating awareness, for fundraising, wedding favors and many other reasons. Custom mugs are generally affordable marketing products in Canada and can be purchased locally from a Canadian distributor like us. Personalized mugs can be used at trade shows as promotional items or trade show giveaways. Customized mugs can also be used as corporate gifts for the holidays or as a gift with purchase for retailer or gift with donation for fundraisers. Most personalized mugs can be printed in at least one color but there are many models that allow a full color imprint. You can make your own mug for your parties and events too! It's a cost effective way to promote your events or parties. Cheap coffee mugs printed with your logo can easily give you the exposure you want and will be used for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get some coffee mugs personalized today!

Coffee mugs can be found everywhere; in your home, in your office, in your car and anywhere else you may have inadvertently left one. Customized Coffee mugs are therefore a great way to get your brand out there since they can literally be taken anywhere without question and help to promote your brand or company logo while at the same time be a practical and useful item and a promotional product. Logo mugs have been around for ages and are one of the time tested and true classic promotional items. Printing on mugs is really what makes them promotional coffee mugs and not just ordinary plain mugs. When you print your logo on mugs, you are showing your brand to everyone you encounter while holding that mug. You also expose your brand to some great brand awareness opportunities while the personalized mugs are lying around in areas where people will see it.

Many people also choose promotional mugs because of the size of the imprint area. There are actually many ways to customize a mug. for example. There are white mugs which because the mug is white, it leaves a blank canvas where one can print in full color on the mugs. To get mugs printed in full color you would need to send your logo in a high resolution format. Preferably a vector format which will deliver the highest quality imprinting on mugs. We wholesale coffee mugs with the option of printing on mugs for promotional purposes. Custom coffee mugs are available in tons of styles, colors, and sizes. You also have many decoration options for the mugs from printing, to pewter we do it all! Call us for a free quote at 1 866-744-0889.