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Awards & Trophies

Looking for employee awards and trophies? We have a huge selection of employee recognition awards for all occasions and in all types of materials. From glass awards to metal trophies, recognition plaques, personalized awards to crystal awards.

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Awards are such personal and sentimental items that a wide selection of personalized awards is necessary to get the response you want from your employee recognition awards. There are many types of awards and they generally break down into a few categories which are:

 With personalized awards, you can engrave, print or emboss the employee's or volunteers name on the award and also add a message of thanks for their dedicated service and noteworthy achievements. Many organizations and societies have their own wards. There are military awards and police awards, volunteer awards and team awards. There are also many different reasons to issue an award.

Many companies issue recognition their their employees of the month, their best sales representatives with the highest sales. Most dedicated customer service representatives and other levels of excellence at the workplace. It is proven that employees that receive recognition for their achievements are more motivated than those that are ignored for their accomplishments.

Personalized awards and custom awards such as trophies and plaques are a great way to show that employee recognition that is needed to attain this level of employee motivation. Oftentimes motivational gifts and monetary incentives and bonuses are given at the time of receiving the employee recognition awards.

For a personal consultation on the types of employee awards that are best suited for you and your awards ceremony.