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Rewards & incentives

Rewards and Incentive Programs has been in the corporate gifts industry since it’s online debut serving Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike and with a smile. Many businesses that look for ways to reward their employees have more than one location and are looking for a way to both centralize their purchasing of their employee rewards as well as keep their employee rewards for performance based incentives, milestones reached, years of dedicated service and more up to date with the latest consumer purchasing trends.

Over the years we have been serving a vast number of repeat clients. Our clients include large companies, medium & small businesses, non-profit organizations, events, academic and governments institutions.

Over the years has developped a tailored Rewards & Incentives program for businesses that are looking to keep their employee rewards and performance incentives purchasing under one roof simplifying invoicing and ordering all the while maintaining strict and consistent branding practices.

Being experts in our industry and being in the business as long as we have, we took the initiative to offer a Rewards Program solution that would simplify the lives of the people we care about most, our clients. Our Rewards Program Solution is an online tool for purchasing promotional products and is essentially a website with only your corporate promotional products. This solution is ideal for businesses that have many branch locations or affiliate agents that require corporate gifts and rewards for employee performance based incentives, milestones reached, years of dedicated service and more.

At, you’re satisfaction is very important and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to provide you with a hassle-free solution to fulfill your corporate awards needs.





 Set Up Fee A one time set up for the development and implementation of your rewards program  $999
 Monthly Hosting Monthly hosting and maintenance fee   $149
 Product Cost Your rewards program offers the latest products at the MSRP invoiced to you monthly  


The Rewards Program will consist of a rewards website that displays all your rewards and performance incentives. will work closely together with you during the development of your Rewards Program to ensure that the look and feel of your Rewards Program distinctly represents your brand. will also help you choose the products that are right for you business and your purpose.


 Screenshot of an actual Rewards Program


Your Rewards Program will have many great features including:

  • The option to allow your Rewards Program users to cash in their reward points for thousands of different rewards and prizes.
  • Your Rewards Program will be fully managed by, no need to worry about orders going out on time. Our production department fulfills all orders in a timely manner
  • Each order is reviewed, approved and processed by our team of promotional product specialists and branding experts ensuring that your brand is being displayed accurately and is properly following your guidelines.
  • Your Rewards Program will help you reward your employees for performance, milestones reached, years of dedicated service and more!
  •  Frequent product updates based on industry trends and buying patterns.
  •  Support for your visitors to ensure an enjoyable experience.
  •  Our usability experts will make sure that your Rewards Program is easy to use, intuitively designed and compatible with the most popular web browsers.
  • Your Rewards Program will easily grow alongside your business or organization.

Contact us Today for more information on how to make your life easier with an Rewards Program from and maximize your employee productivity.