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Toques & Beanies

Many businesses choose to have embroidered tuques and beanies made for their employees and their employees tend appreciate the thoughtfulness of such a practical piece of personalized apparel. Get your Custom toques and beanies personalized today! 

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Custom toques and beanies are some of the more trendy promotional apparel items that we see in the winter fall and seasons. Toques and beanies can easily be embroidered with your logo, website or brand message which will give your business the exposure it needs to get through the harsh and cold Canadian winters.

With the winters in Canada getting colder and colder, more and more companies are set to protect their employees with personalized head wear like beanies and tuques which both keep them warm and keep them pushing your brand wherever they wear their winter hats. Customized toques are a great way to promote your business, your event or your cause and they are time tested marketing products in Canada that have been around for ages. Everyone owns a few toques and having more than one is essential in a country like Canada. Us Canadians know what it's like to feel your ears freeze when we walk outside without a winter hat so why not kill two birds with one stone? Give your brand the recognition it deserves and give your employees the protection they need to with stand the elements turning them into brand ambassadors for your business!